Dedicated experts knowledgeable in technology and the law draft strategies to safeguard our clients’ intellectual property from various angles.

Patent Filing

Patent attorneys who are well-versed in highly specialized technology, are thoroughly familiar with laws and regulations, and have advanced foreign language skill work to maximize the value of inventions by assisting our clients to obtain patents which will increase their competitiveness while keeping in close communication with them.

IP Consulting
and IP Licensing

With such a variety of technological innovation daily, interest in protecting intellectual property today is ever growing. A variety of unique approaches to creating and protecting intellectual property are beginning worldwide.

With our “client-oriented” philosophy, we support our clients in various aspects—optimizing the company intellectual property strategy, creating speedy and valuable inventions, and obtaining and utilizing high-quality intellectual property rights—utilizing our domestic and international network and collaborations.

Technical Fields






Audio Visual System

In addition to the specialized fields listed above, we have professionals who understand advanced technology in other fields and can elevate them to a more refined patent strategy. With creativity, we continue to educate ourselves daily and work to provide high-quality intellectual property services for the realization of innovation in various fields.