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Patent Attorney/Representative Partner

Worked on electronic circuits and systems for electronic cameras, video cameras, and electronic endoscopes in his career as an engineer amounting to 10 years. Also worked on developing image data compression at Philips’ central research laboratory . Since transferring to the field of IP, has experience in patent prosecution in a wide range of fields such as semiconductors, communications, and AV technologies and conducting technical discussions of licensing negotiations.

Patent Attorney/Representative Partner

Experienced patent licensing, patent prosecution, and the like for over 35 years with major domestic and foreign electric manufacturers, then served as a senior vice president at Royal Philips prior to his present post. Serves as an advisor to companies such as Konsert (Sweden) and Iprova (Switzerland) and contributes to their novel approach in the intellectual property field. Also possesses deep experience in patent license pools relevant to standardization technology.

Adviser at

Patent Attorney

Doctor of Engineering in applied physics. Transferred to the field of IP after being engaged in research and development of laser equipment, and has experience in patent prosecution for applied LED products and machinery for physics and chemistry.

Patent Attorney

After around 10 years developing analog circuits, semiconductor production equipment, rail signal systems and the like, has experience in patent prosecution for printers, power supply units, secondary batteries, communication systems, inventions related to software, and the like at a patent firm.